Neighbourhood organizing

Bridgeport Slow Down.jpg

You might have seen the traffic calming signs (pictured above) popping up along Bridgeport Road East.

Residents who live on Bridgeport Road - a three-lane, one way, regional arterial road – are concerned about the speed of traffic.

When one resident reached out to me, as a first step, we contacted the Region of Waterloo to inform them of the concern and to ask what might be possible. They have since collected data on the speed and volume of traffic there. That data is currently being analyzed.

As a next step, another resident (who designed the signs in the above photo) suggested getting a group of concerned residents together to talk about what they could do to address this challenge in the interim.

Enter the City of Waterloo’s neighbourhoods team who attended a preliminary meeting, invited the Waterloo Regional Police Services to attend (which they did), supplied some funds to get the project going, and are providing ongoing support, as needed.

Since these signs went up I’ve received a few requests for signs in other parts of the ward and others commenting favourably about how noticeable these signs are. This is a testament to collaboration between a community leader, an engaged and committed group of residents, supportive and enthusiastic staff, and a city councillor can lead to.

To find out more about how the city’s neighbourhood work can help you bring your idea to life, to sign up for the neighbourhoods e-newsletter and more you can visit this website or contact me. I’ll be happy to connect you with the right person and talk about how I might be able to support the work you want to do to build healthy communities and resilient neighbourhoods.

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Jen Vasic