Roselea Park

Roselea Park in the summer.

Roselea Park in the summer.

Roselea park – a hidden gem in ward 5 – is used most often as a throughway because of its walking path that links Roselea Crescent and Mayfield Avenue. In the winter it’s used for tobogganing and skating on the community rink. What’s missing though? A playground!

On Monday July 8, 2019 City of Waterloo Environment and Parks staff, more than 10 residents – kids included – and I met to discuss the possibility of a playground in Roselea Park.

Here’s some of what we learned at the meeting:

  • While it’s not yet confirmed early findings from the Parkland Strategy are showing that Roselea Park has been identified as lacking a park. In other words, it sounds like it could be a likely candidate for a playground.

  • The city, pending council approval of the 2020-2022 budget, can put a relatively standard playground into a park which costs around $40,000.

  • Putting a playground in a park can increase safety there because neighbours naturally look out for playground users and playgrounds encourage more regular users.

  • Following Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, playgrounds aren’t usually lit because lighting creates a false sense of security.

  • There are a range of ways residents can get involved in getting a playground into a nearby park from raising money (through private fundraising and/or applying for a neighbourhood matching grant), to helping install the playground, to having your say about what you’d like to/not like to see there, to sending good vibes!

As for next steps, here are the first few: I’ll be typing up and sharing notes I took at the meeting with staff (there were some great visions shared about what this playground could be that should not be lost); scheduling an evening meeting for those who were unable to attend the daytime meeting on July 8; and, I’m keeping a list of all those interested in staying involved in this project – if you want to stay up to date, please let me know.

Jen Vasic