Dear Waterloo: A love letter


Dear Waterloo,


I’m not very romantic and I don’t usually write love letters, but I’ve been following Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s love lettering project for a while now and feel compelled to write you a love letter.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I think you can do better, but since we’ll be having that conversation in a big way for the next four years and it is Valentine’s day, I’d like to let you know what I love about you.

I love your snow days. Growing up in the Greater Toronto Area on the shores of Lake Ontario meant winters were pretty mild. I can’t remember if we ever had a snow day and on Tuesday this week – the day after budget day and after a year of constantly being on the go – I really needed to not have to be anywhere, but drinking tea and reading with my kid.

I love your outdoor rinks, when they are smooth and especially when they are bumpy. Note to self: remember to get a thermos.

I love your green spaces and parks. So does my dog. Note to self: get those cross-country skies already!

I love (and miss) your tennis courts. You bring me exercise, community, friendly competition, and nostalgia. I will and need to get back on these courts. Soon.

I love your local businesses in Ward 5 and uptown.

I love your people - my friends, my family, my mentors, and those who care for my kid; those who maintain the outdoor rinks; those who advocate, those who protest, the women who are angry (hi!); concerned residents, city staff and my fellow councillor colleagues who are helping me navigate and get oriented to some very new terrain as we all work towards making this a safe and thriving city for everyone.



Jen Vasic