Strategic goal: Safe, sustainable transportation


In this series of six posts I introduce you to the 2019-2020 strategic plan’s goals and objectives, as well as highlight a few related outcomes we have and will be delivering.

Strategic goal: Safe, sustainable transportation

Safe, sustainable transportation exists when all users and all modes of transportation are able to share roadways and trail systems safely; when traffic speeds respect the safety of the community; when policy and planning supports the development and maintenance of sustainable infrastructure; and when more residents are able to rely on sustainable modes of transportation such as public transit or active transportation to get where they need to go.


  1. Adopt Vision Zero practices and tactics to enable safe travel by all modes of transportation.

  2. To facilitate a modal shift, enable increased use of active transportation and public transit.

Work to date

  • One of the first successes of my council term has been working with the City of Waterloo and Kitchener’s staff and council (Hi, Councillor Davey) to pilot the seasonal 40 km/hr traffic bollards on Woolwich. Traffic speeds and parking in bike lanes continue to be a concern on that road. The city’s transportation and enforcement staff are actively monitoring that area. Staff are also currently analyzing data to identify warranted next steps for traffic calming and will be putting up radar signs again shortly.

  • The Moses Springer pathway (and playground!) reconstruction are complete! The pathway will be safer to use with improved drainage so ponds don’t develop and ice does not build up in the winter.

  • A group of neighbours who live on Bridgeport organized a sign campaign asking motorists using that road to slow down. Read more about that campaign and how the city can help you bring neighbours together for a common cause - traffic calming or something else altogether.

What’s coming up?

  • Update to the 2011 Transportation Master Plan. This is the big one that will set the policy stage for bold future actions on safe, sustainable transportation by redistributing space to make it safer and easier for people to walk and bike. You can have your say on the transportation master plan by sharing comments on EngageWR.

  • Various traffic studies on regional and city roads are underway (e.g., Bridgeport, Lincoln, Sandowne, Woolwich, and others). Follow this link for more information about the city’s traffic calming policy and how to request a traffic study.

Jen Vasic