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In this post I share information directly from staff about the five developments currently underway in ward 5. If you’re interested in staying up to date about any of these projects, you can let me know and/or reach out to the lead staff person (linked here). If you’re curious about another property that’s not listed here it might mean there isn’t active application open right now. You can still find out a bit more about that spot, though, on this interactive zoning map.

Woolwich Estates

Woolwich Estates (Draft Plan of Subdivision 30T-05401) is a low-rise residential subdivision incorporating a range of housing types such as single detached dwellings, townhouses, and mixed-use apartments (255 Woolwich St). A neighbourhood park and parkette are provided for active and passive recreation opportunities within the subdivision.


  • Application received in 2005

  • Draft Plan of Subdivision 30T-05401 and Zoning Change Application Z-05-07 approved May 27, 2010

  • Construction of subdivision is mostly complete with the majority of dwellings occupied.

  • Construction of the mixed-use commercial/residential block at 255 Woolwich Street is nearing completion (Director of Planning approved Site Plan application November 22, 2017) 

Built form / density  

  • Total area: 21.67 hectares (53.54 acres)

  • 191 units (138 single detached units; 47 townhouse units; 8 mixed-use commercial/residential units)

  • Approx. 45 residents and jobs per hectare

  • 2 storey singles; 2 storey townhouses; 3 storey mixed-use buildings

Woolwich Street at Wismer Street


The development at Woolwich St & Wismer St (58 Wismer St) is to be constructed in 2 phases. The first phase, which is nearing completion, consists of 29 linear townhouse units. The second phase will be designed to accommodate an apartment building behind the townhouses, internal to the larger triangular parcel. The linear townhouses have frontage and access onto Wismer St and Woolwich St.


  • Phase 1: Director approved Site Plan application (SP-17-15) on May 30, 2017.

  • Phase 2: TBD. City of Waterloo has not yet received a site plan application for Phase 2. 

 Built Form / Density:

  • Total area: 0.76 Ha (1.88 acres)

  • 29 residential units (linear townhouses)

  • 87 bedrooms/hectare

  • 2 & 3 storeys

215 Lexington

An amendment to the City’s Zoning By-law 1418 was supported by Council in 2013.  The request was to add new specific provisions to the Multiple Residence-6 (MR-6) zone to permit limited ancillary commercial uses, an increase to the building height on a portion of the lands, to change the measurement of density from units/ha to bedrooms/ha and to establish minimum parking requirements for a number of uses – i.e., long term care, assisted living and independent living.

 A Site Plan SP-13-27 was approved for Phase 1 together with the Master Site Plan proposal for an overall development to be constructed within three (3) Phases within the properties municipally known as 215-229 Lexington Road.  The development has since changed ownership and the concept has been modified (SP-19-02), specifically the building elevations and internal floor layout and the number of Phases.  The proposal is to develop two buildings in two Phases and will include Independent Senior Apartments, Independent Supportive units and Assisted Living units. Phase 1 consists of one new building and retention of the existing long term care facility. Phase 2 will see the demolition of the existing long term care facility to allow for the construction of the second proposed building (temporary long term care to be relocated to 250 Laurelwood Dr).


  • Zone change application approved by Council in 2013. 

  • Phase 1: Site Plan application SP-19-02 was approved by the Director of Planning on August 21, 2019. 

  • Phase 2: TBD. City of Waterloo has not yet received a site plan application for Phase 2.

 Built Form / Density

  • Total area: 1.925 Ha (4.76 acres)

  • Phase 1:

    • Proposed Building A – 221 units, 247 beds

    • Existing Long Term Care Facility – 84 units, 84 beds

    • Total: 305 units, 331 beds (173 bedrooms/hectare)

  • 6 storeys (at street) for proposed Building A

319, 337, 343 Woolwich

Woolwich 319.png

A Zoning By-law Amendment application (Z-18-14) for the subject lands was submitted to the City of Waterloo in the summer of 2018. The applicant is proposing to amend the City's Zoning Bylaw No. 1418 by rezoning the lands from Agriculture (A) to Residential (R) and Medium Density Three (MD3). The application is being advanced to permit the development of 10 single detached dwellings and 22 townhouse units. 


  • An Informal Public Meeting was held on September 24, 2018

  • Following comments from the public, as well as internal and external agencies, the applicant is in the process of addressing those comments prior to a resubmission in the future. 

  • Formal Public Meeting: TBD

 Built Form / Density

  • Total area: 0.99 Ha (2.45 acres)

  • 32 units (10 single detached dwellings + 22 townhouse units)

  • 97 bedrooms/hectare (assuming 3 bedroom singles + 3 bedroom townhouse units)

  • 2 storey singles; 2 storey townhouses

311 Woolwich

The applicant submitted a pre-consultation application to the Site Plan Review Committee on May 22, 2019. The applicant is proposing to develop the vacant land at 311 Woolwich St (Block 137, Plan 58M-540) as a Townhouse cluster development containing 47 townhouses.


  • Pre-consultation meeting May 22, 2019

  • Formal Site Plan application: TBD

 Built Form / Density

  • Total area: 1.50 Ha (3.71 acres)

  • 47 units (47 cluster townhouses)

  • No. of bedrooms: TBD

Jen Vasic