Volunteer profile: Sarah Sikora | Operations Manager

I'm a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. My volunteer team is outstanding and we hope that these little pieces of insight will help you get to know the people who make this magic happen.

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Sarah Sikora

Operations Manager

Volunteer Name: Sarah Sikora
Role: Operations Manager


Why did you decide to get involved in a municipal election campaign?
Honest answer: because Jen asked me to, but I am so glad she did! Not only have I enjoyed learning more about the political process, but it's also rewarding to volunteer and realize just how much you have to offer.

Why do you think Jen will make a great councillor?
I could say that it's because she's intelligent, driven and filled with great ideas and all of this would be true, but I think the main reason is because of Jen’s generous spirit and need to help others. This quality can be seen in her long standing friendships and the great work she does in our community.

What is your favourite thing about the City of Waterloo?
I love that Waterloo has big city amenities in a rural setting: I get to have access to transit and a wide variety of restaurants while still being close to farmers’ markets, pumpkin patches and even a donkey sanctuary.

What do you think is the biggest issue residents in the City of Waterloo are dealing with?
Living in a University town comes with many benefits, but I think that it does negatively impact the availability of long-term housing for low income households that are affordable and transit accessible.

Why should residents care about municipal elections?
I must confess - in the past I have not been the most heavily invested in our municipal elections; however, the longer I live here the more I realize just how much of my day to day is affected by city level decisions, and how much I should have a say. In addition to caring about outcome, I think municipal elections are also quite interesting as candidates are not party affiliated, so you really feel like their opinions and actions are all their own.



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