Rainy Sunday made brighter with arts & culture


Looking out the window this morning it was tempting to let our kid watch cartoons while we sipped coffee and avoided the rain for as long as possible. Instead, we left the house and joined in on some of the world-class arts and culture festivities this community offers.

We started the morning off with a guided tour of CAFKA's downtown Kitchener exhibits. Best President and Board Chair goes to Michelle Purchase for hosting this family friendly tour. She told us about the art, the artists, the processes of getting some of CAFKA's exhibits up, and the interesting community conversations sparked by the public art on display. You still have until the end of this month to check out this year's exhibitions and events

After the tour, we headed over to the multicultural festival where we ate lunch while listening to some music. We stayed to watch Afro-Tribal Dance who also gave a workshop to the audience - I LOVE learning new dance moves. 

For more information on the art pictured above, click on the image.