Thank you

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To Ward 5’s current Councillor Mark Whaley for your demonstrated commitment to the community, and for your grace and generosity in congratulating me and taking the time to meet to help me transition to this role, thank you.

To those who contributed to my campaign financially and/or through your time, I could not have done this without you. You set strategies, went door-to-door, made it possible to hold events and print materials, and more, thank you.

To the Women’s Municipal Campaign School, and the smart, supportive, and creative women who I have met and shared this journey with, thank you.

To my parents and parents-in-law who came to town at key points to help with childcare and who were also here on election night to celebrate, win or lose, thank you.

Most of all, to my partner and kid who sustained my coming and going at all hours and often unexpectedly, who did the bulk (and I mean 99%) of the cooking and cleaning, and who were endlessly encouraging.

Throughout this journey I have been overcome with emotion from shows of support, words of encouragement, and mentorship offered to me. All of this support sustained me through the ups and downs that I’ve learned come with running an election campaign.

I am beyond excited to be the next city councillor to represent Ward 5 on the City of Waterloo Council. I am also a little bit nervous and that’s a good thing – this is a big responsibility and steep learning curve.

I am going to work diligently to represent you well. I will work collaboratively with residents, city staff, and council in the best interest of this city. And, I will stay curious. You can be sure that what I don’t know, I will find out.

Jen Vasic