The easiest book club you'll ever join

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Eight years ago my partner and I walked into what is now our home. The connection was instant and there was no clear explanation why. Perhaps there were places we didn’t yet know about that were calling us like the nearby forest and playgrounds where our dog and kid love to play and run; the expressway conveniently located only 30 seconds from our front door giving us quick access to our families that live out of town; or, the gardens that I can’t quite ever get to look very nice, but love to find moments in, puttering.

Still, over the years, I have sometimes found myself wondering if there is some place better, asking myself these questions, among others: When will we move out of this “starter home” and into our “forever home”? Should we move up north to be closer to my partner’s family, or to Toronto to be closer to mine? Would it be better to move into the country to have some land or to a big city (for me, a big city wins every time even though I badly want some backyard chickens)?

In the past little while I have come to realize I want to stay in this home. Part of it is a matter of convenience – the thought of making a decision about where we might move, finding the actual place, considering the costs of moving, then packing and moving all our things feels overwhelming. Plus, we’ve put new windows in and I figure this place would make a fine home to downsize to in retirement, so why do all that moving in-between? The bigger part, though, is that I feel settled and at ease here, both in the house itself and in the community around it.

I have done what Melody Warnick is suggesting in her book “This is where you belong: Finding home wherever you are”. I have learned to love where I live. Though, I want to fall in love with it more, or differently, so over the next year – starting today – I am going to read one chapter of Warnick's book a month and do what she is prompting readers to do. You can follow along with me here or on Twitter. And if you want to, JOIN ME! It might be the easiest book club you’ll ever be a part of – one chapter a month and there’s no accountability! I got my copy at our local independent bookstore Wordsworth Books.

This post was originally posted on in November 2017 as part of a chapter-by-chapter review of the book “This is where you belong: Finding home wherever you are.” That website no longer exists, but I have migrated the posts here.