Having more fun

Have more fun checklist.jpg

This post is in the spirit of checklists because I'm a bit checklist inspired at the moment – Warnick has made such good ones at the end of each chapter; I'm going to be getting one of these spring checklists from a friend of a friend; and, I love checklists. I've even been giving bullet journalling a try. 

After what has felt like a long winter, I'm especially grateful for the prompt to do something fun this month. It got me out to do a few things I might not have otherwise done. I went to see Black Panther (I cried imagining that future) and, as a family, we went jumping on trampolines at Skyzone.

This month's fun, combined with checklist inspiration as well as a conversation with my aunt got me thinking about what more fun I want to have. That's why I made the have more fun checklist that's in the photo! And, when I'm looking for other fun things to do that aren't on this list I'll look here, here, and here (these are Waterloo Region specific websites). 

What would be on your checklist? What fun thing(s) did you do this month?

This post was originally posted on jenvasic.ca in March 2018 as part of a chapter-by-chapter review of the book “This is where you belong: Finding home wherever you are.” That website no longer exists, but I have migrated the posts here